Hello! I'm Anabelle, and this is a collection of photos that I have taken.


Today I befriended possibly the cutest and most photogenic cat ever.


I am now the proud owner of a digital DSLR- Canon 1000D. I think my life is now complete. Everything about it is so beautiful. The difference in quality is so wonderful. I received the camera just in time to take it with me on my holiday in Germany. Below were my first few photos with the new camera.

bedroom window


I just got some film developed (cannot express how much I love the feeling of unknown on how each photo will turn out like) and they turned out surprisingly delightful. I promise you all that these will be the last photos of Noosa as the last 3 posts were photos from there.....


noosa heads

jack johnson concert

The above two were taken at the Jack Johnson concert last night. The atmosphere was so lovely and chilled and just so blissful. He is definitely a splendid performer.
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Noosa was definitely a delight. The sunsets were beautiful, the water was crisp, and the gelato's were so tassssssty. This is a photo diary of the things i saw and did through the duration of 5 days.


surfer babe



cloudy cloud clouds


noosa heads



Cloud control doing a cover of pursuit of happiness? Life does not get any better.

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