Hello! I'm Anabelle, and this is a collection of photos that I have taken.


A much needed trip down to Latrobe Terrace has left me feeling very sorry for myself that I cannot purchase all the wonderful treasures that each shop presents to me. Even though I really should be saving for my new camera, I just cannot resist the temptations of one off, beautiful vintage pieces such as the fur coat in the bottom picture. I don't care that it costs around a trillion dollars, I am going to get that coat. I might also sneakily slip it on my christmas wish list and hope for the best. Fingers crossssssssssssed. 


Here are some old photos that I found again which were taken earlier this year. When I look back to when these photos were taken, the memories are just so vivid. It's as if they were all taken yesterday. I am actually a bit scared at how fast this year has gone...has anyone else realised this aswell?! A  


Beautifulness for both your eyes and ears

Is it even possible to love Tame Impala more? Their new video clip for the song Lucidity is crazy. So so so trippy. If its possible, I now have a new profound love for them. Please please please spend a few minutes of your life to watch this. I can assure you, it won't be wasted.

 The day I first heard of The Jezabels was the day I started to properly live.


About a month ago i spent the spring holidays on Magnetic Island, soaking up the sun nearly everyday in a hired out human barbie car. It was actually the life. I miss it so much now. This photo was taken while i was there, and i think it exactly captures how perfect everything was.


I heard this song on Triple J the other day and fell in love with it immediately. It took me a while to rediscover it since i had not known what it was called, but as i needed to hear the song once again i persistently spent a few hours going through all of Triple J top 100 songs, until i finally came across it once more. i realised all that time wasted was actually really worth it. It really is a delight. Treat your ears something beautiful:)

welcome to the blissful sixties


Recently i got some film developed, which was a bit of a gamble, as i had purchased this crazy looking film camera from an op shop for an excellent price and had never actually tested it to see if it worked....soooooo spending $13.95 on developing a strip of film i did not even know had worked, and seeing the result of 24 half decent photographs just made me do a little jump for joy. This round of film turned out reasonable, however i'm hoping my next batch to be slightly more interesting, and hopefully i will figure out by then how to work the focus on the ancient 1980's camera. Also, on another note, i have currently got $550 saved up towards my dream slr (which is semi achievable) - Canon EOS 1000D- which costs around $900 and i am planning on purchasing the delightful camera before my trip to Germany at the end of the year....so would anyone possibly have a spare $450 lying around???

I have also come to the conclusion i much prefer film over digital. Have you ever experienced the thrill and pleasure when you develop your film, laying your eyes upon the fresh photographs for the first time, and knowing that they were all taken by chance? It is like when a young child opens an oddly shaped christmas present, and excitement just smothers them as they have no idea what could possibly be in it.  I like the uncertainty of not knowing how each photo turned out. Another point is the colours are just so vivid, so rich and warm when in comparison to the normal digital photo. Yes, digital cameras are far more convenient and reliable, but they just do not do themselves justice. I am not complaining about digital cameras, as i myself love the advantages that they serve, but if i had to choose between film and digital....i'd go film all the way. 

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